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Mobile Strike – Asked Questions June 22, 2016

Over recent months I Have seen a lot of the same mobile strike hack questions popping up in our opinions section, media accounts that were social and via email.

This FAQ answers to the most frequently asked questions appearing on our site. So in no specific order:-

1. How do I form an alliance, I cannot see the alternative?

The reason the coalition formation button isn’t there, is likely because you’re already in a alliance. You have to drop out of your coalition and then click on the coalition button in the bottom of the display. The first tab labeled “create” allows you to pick your coalition name, label and symbol. Click done and your coalition will be formed.

2. I cannot get anywhere near enough food to support a reasonable sized military, although I have read your base layout guide. What gives?

It is likely that your food production increase is nowhere near high enough. For example I am now building a level 15 trap account, which for ease of play I’ve a pure food setup. I’ve a 991% increase to food production and 21 level 15 farms. This gives me an hourly income of 1,373,000 foods, enough to support over 450,000. T3 troops without going into negative food production

To get close to 1,000% increase I’ve the commander ability food production III maxed (still leaving you enough points to maximum troop training I & II), a 25% food increase active 24/7 and approximately 250% food increase from some really low quality gear I made.

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